• In the news

  • CornFest to rock with sounds of 1960s-'70s
    Mohave Valley News, NV -
    By JENA SCHEUNEMAN. FORT MOJAVE -- With a party theme of the '60s and '70s, CornFest wouldn't be complete without the music of CC&R, Bob Segar and The Eagles. ...
  • Files show how Celia overcame 1960s blacklist
    Miami Herald (subscription), FL -
    A new batch of federal documents showed that salsa queen Celia Cruz received permission to stay in the United States because she publicly crusaded against ...
  • Back to the 1960s
    Korea Times, South Korea -
    ... Under the dictatorial rule of the 1960s and 70s, there were ``government-inspired demonstrations’’ to counter spontaneous popular rallies for democracy. ...
  • Famed Jaguar left fighting for its life
    The Globe and Mail (subscription), Canada -
    LONDON -- Jaguar, famed for its 1960s E-Type that tops polls as the "sexiest" car ever made, has been left fighting for its life as owner Ford slashed capacity ...
  • Misjudging the Muslim Brotherhood
    Washington Post, DC -
    ... Readers might think that Sayyid Qutb -- described as a "Brotherhood leader" in the 1960s who "advocated militant jihad against nonbelievers" -- represented the ...
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Events and trends

The 1960s was a turbulent decade of change around the world. Many of the trends of the 1960s were due to the demographic changes brought about by the baby boom generation and the dissolution of European colonial empires. (See The Sixties.)



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World leaders

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